Construction Management Plan 

We will be working to a strict Construction Management Plan, which the community will be consulted on before it is agreed with London Borough of Camden and prior to the commencement of works on-site.

The Construction Management Plan will also take into account other developments taking place in the vicinity, to minimise impact on our neighbours. We submitted a draft Construction Management Plan alongside our planning application, which can be viewed here. We are keen to begin discussions with the local community around the development of this plan.

Construction Liaison Group Meeting


UCL would like to invite residents, community groups and businesses to become representatives on a Construction Liaison Group for the proposed redevelopment of 256 Gray’s Inn Road, the site of the Eastman Dental Hospital.

In the event that planning permission is granted, we will want to start works as early and as sympathetically as we can and so, while the application is being assessed Camden and other consultees, we want to start talking to the local community about what would happen next.

We recognise that construction can be disruptive and the effects can be best managed when the process has been informed by the local community. In order to best mitigate the impact of these works, we are keen to begin discussions as soon as possible.

Building on the engagement we have undertaken as part of the preparation and submission of the application, we want to set up a forum that maintains dialogue between UCL and the local community during the construction process, and beyond.

We are looking for a group of up to 15 representatives from the local community who will attend monthly meetings of the Construction Liaison Group. We hope that we can get representatives of local community groups, in addition to local residents and businesses.

If you are interested in participating in our Construction Liaison Group please do complete the form below and a member of the project team will be in touch with more information.

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Please let us know any local organisations, community groups or associations that you belong to.